International Projects


Spread the sign – this project was implemented in 2010-2015 in a partnership with European Sign Language Centre, Örebro, Sweden and 11 other partners. If you do not know this project yet you have to learn about it. Enter and meet the world’s sign languages.

Deaf learning – project implemented in 2015-2018 by Łódź department of PZG on the basis of Erasmus+ grant with the cooperation with Universitat Klagenfurt, Doncaster Deaf Trust and Venice University. It involves creating curricula of teaching the national language as a foreign language to deaf, adult students (levels A1-B1).

Spread share – project implemented by European Sign Language Centre on the basis of Erasmus + grand, with a cooperation with different institutions all over Europe, including Łódź department of the Polish Association of the Deaf. Spread share is a continuation of Spread the sign project. We not only record signs to the Spread the sign dictionary (each partner records 1000 geographical signs that will be placed on google maps) but also build a new component of Spread share – a platform to exchange educational programs and teaching materials for teachers from schools for the deaf children in the partner countries.


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